Gallery 1010

Gallery 1010

Gallery 1010 is the University of Tennessee's Student Run Art Gallery. It offers students who work across all contemporary art mediums gallery space and formal exhibition training. The result is a full schedule of showings every Friday night of the semester.

Along with the fact that the gallery was lacking a formal branding system, it recently relocated to a different part of town. 1010 was in need of a brand system that reflects the students and school, as well as drawing attention to it’s new location.

The Gallery had relied on exhibitors to create and design their own marketing materials, which could often take time away from preparing from the show. We wanted to come up with a marketing system that was easier to use and reflected the gallery’s brand.

Process of logo making included exploring the idea of the physical space of the gallery and the feeling of importance and professionalism when hosting an art show at Gallery 1010.


The final logo and pattern was born out of holding an accidental double-sided print up to a window which created an optical-illusion.

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